It seems that the psychopath has a regular need to take a “vacation into filth and degradation” the same way normal people may take a vacation to a resort where they enjoy beautiful surroundings and culture. This strange “need” of the psychopath seems to be evidence that “acting human” is very stressful to the psychopath.’

"daddy like"

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And if you’re still up at 4 a.m.,

you are in love or lonely,

and I don’t know which one is worse.


im looking up dragon ball z trivia



This is one of the first things that I thought of when I saw that Book 4 of LOK would be set three years later.
If you were twelve when ATLA first came out, then nine year later, you’re going to be twenty-one when LOK ends. Which means that you were the same age as Aang when ATLA started and the same age as Korra when LOK finished.
And I don’t believe that this is a coincidence at all.

This is true for me :)

*whispers* ((…one year older…)) but woah
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wow The Onion is dropping a lot of truth for a work of satire

holy crap
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Consistently managing to somehow pull their shoe designs from another plane of existence, it’s Miista…

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10k into my second manuscript

oh my god

step 1. tell a rude coworker to show me some respect and not take her bad mood out on me

step 2. she cries in bathroom for 40 minutes, calls your manager, and you have to go to a mediation meeting

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