I feel like I don’t have many friends but then I look at my dog and feel better because she has no friends

you know you’re having a lazy day when you spend an hour procrastinating by listening to country music instead of making the 1 meter move across your bed to turn on your x box and start playing video games


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Sitting in bed working on my draft, discovering Willie Nelson, with a golden retriever sleeping on my bed.


My lovely girlfriend hirrient, dear friend dantrium and I went and checked out the local talent last night. It was an awesome show with a packed house and great matches. Plus Carlito and hirrient’s new idol Chris masters were down to show us how it’s done.

Was also exciting to see very few empty seats, a nice sign for Australian wrestling.

Also the newly converted was allowed to go “backstage” for a rate photo op with the international stars.

Overall 9/10, no thanks to the asshole behind us who kept trying to start ‘botchamania’ and even a ’ Chris beniot’ chant.

I’m still not over it. Chris Masters was so soft n warm n sweaty and he put his big arm around me ~melts~


Had a great night with robbyhorror and hirrient at the wrestling. Chris Masters is such a hot daddy tbh and she got to touch him :(

just found out it’s Squidward not Squidwort, I feel like i’ve been lied to my entire life

Ladies please never forget that you deserve nothing less than Steve Rogers when it comes to men.

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